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10 Tourist Attractions in Dubai – Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates who visited because it has many interesting sights. Dubai itself does indeed include a metropolitan city is growing very rapidly, the same as Jakarta. The city has many buildings of majestic with sophisticated modern architecture could not be found in other cities.
Stunning luxury attractions and are well known to the entire world like the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, and much more can be found in the city. In addition to offering complete facilities that can spoil the tourists, many of these luxury also has a very unique form so often for berfoto-foto.

Although Dubai is surrounded by desert, Dubai successfully developed its tourism sector became very forward with success. The tourism sector in Dubai even has become a source of income that most of its development by leaps and bounds. Therefore, a visit to Dubai for either a vacation or a business is certainly going to be a memorable experience.

The city is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian peninsula is progressing and has attracted worldwide attention with the success of the development of various innovative buildings other than on the other. Innovative buildings and places are there in Dubai currently has become a very attractive tourist place and interest by the visitors. Want to know what aja tourist attractions in Dubai that should be visited? Following his review.

10 Tourist Attractions in Dubai

  1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the hotels in Dubai who have fancy architecture and built on an artificial island. Luxury hotel this seven-star touted designed by an architecture named Tom Wright. Aside form a very unique building, the hotel also has an altitude of 321 metres until you reach. The height of the title as the highest hotel in the worldnumber four.

Due to the unique shape, Burj Al Arab, which consists of 66 floors it has managed tobecome an icon of Dubai. The hotel stands on an artificial island 280 metres, approximately off the coast of the Persian Gulf it could be used as a place to stay for those who were in the United Arab Emirates and want to enjoy a variety of world class luxurious facilities.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a very popular beach in Dubai and is always crowded by tourists.Stretching up to 7 km is divided into 7 parts thereof in which each beach has its own uniqueness. Jumeirah Beach is indeed worthy of being one of the tourist attractions in Dubai’s most frequently visited by tourists because of its beautiful beach has white sand and blue sea water clean. Among the 7 Jumeirah Beach there are two beaches that blend that is the beach at Jumeirah Park and Wild Wadi. While visiting Dubai doesn’t hurt to relax for a moment and lying on the white sand in the Sun.

  1. Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is a great tourist attractions in Dubai next that missed especially for travelers who have a hobby shop. The Dubai mall is the largest shopping areas in Dubai and is one of the biggest mall in the world. The boutiques and famous shops from around the world can be found in the Dubai Mall. Visitors who come to Dubai Mall can make shopping efficient by leveraging Dubai Shopping Festival which is held each year so that it can get a variety of promos and discounts.

Tourist attractions in Dubai in this one there is also a candy shop in the world that can spoil lovers of sweets and sugary foods. In addition, the mall is also designed with magnificent interiors with a very large-sized Aquarium. The aquarium at the DubaiMall in addition to a very large size have also inhabited by various marine animals such as sharks, manta rays, and other amazing fish. Not only that, in the Dubai Mall, there is a ring of ice to play ice skating as can be found in one of the malls in Jakartabut with a maximum capacity greater, i.e. up to two thousand people.

  1. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah or often referred to as the Palm Island or the island of Palm is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Dubai must-see when were in the city. An artificial island with a very unique shape has become a haven for tourists because here there is a huge variety of tourist attractions, hotels, and shopping.

When in Palm Island, visitors can find a variety of interesting attractions such as amusement parks, beaches, aquariums, where water sports, and much more. Palm Island who dubbed the island dream is indeed the perfect place for travelers who want to be pampered with a variety of entertainment facilities.

In order to get to the island You have to climb a monorail train that connected with a tram system. Unfortunately, this gorgeous island is generally only visited by people with high earnings, because the costs that must be incurred to visit the island and the items sold there the price is very expensive.

  1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest Tower in the world, built by an architect who is very professional and a genius. The tower was built in the middle of the desert is most suitable for tourists who want to see Dubai’s skyline from the top of the Spire. At the bottomfloor of the Tower there is also a shopping centre, Dubai Mall.

When climbing the Tower, tourists will get the presentation through a multimedia monitor about the Burj Khalifa and the history of the city of Dubai. The Tower has 153floor is also built with a charming design and form. In addition to the mall, in the Burj Khalifa also there is a hotel, residential apartments, Office space, and other amenities. All facilities in Burj Khalifa can be indulged in the luxury travel.

  1. gold Souk

The gold Souk is the destination travellers are fond of gold and jewelry because of the attractions in Dubai this one provides a variety of gold and jewelry. In the Gold Souk you will find various types of gold with diverse forms, qualities, and rust. Traditional markets are filled with stores of gold and jewelry sellers is indeed very suitable for those who want to buy new jewelry. The famous market is up to the rest of the world had successfully made the city of Dubai is called the land of gold.

  1. Dubai Fountain

A very elegant fountain has managed to become one of the tourist attractions in Dubai the most visited by tourists. The Dubai Fountain located in the Burj Khalifa has earned the title as the largest fountain in the world. The Dubai fountain pond has an area of approximately 12 hectares and is able to launch the water up to five hundred feet tall.

The Dubai Fountain gives a magnificent performance which can be seen at certain hours each day. The time of the evening, the beauty of this fountain is becoming increasingly beautiful plus light bulbs from the existing buildings in the vicinity. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the fountain while you relax with beautiful songs.

  1. Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is Dubai’s attractions are most appropriate for you lovers of gardenswith various species of plants that have diverse colors. Flower gardens can be foundin the area of Dubailand is successfully built in the town which is filled with desert and are the tourist attractions in Dubai is very interesting to visit.

This beautiful park has a great many species of plants that are designed into a formthat is very beautiful. Miracle Garden also offers a variety of theme parks, among other colorful peacocks, floral clock, butterfly park, and aromatic garden. The Park is open 6 am to 6 pm tonight can be accessed by paying about a hundred thousand dollars for adults. Whereas, for those children who are still aged under three years old can enter the park for free.

  1. Bastakia Quarter

Bastakia Quarter is an area that is filled with old buildings that have a unique ancient architecture. Bastakia Quarter in the visitors can see a different atmosphere from other places in Dubai but still unique and beautiful.

Bastakia Quarter is an old city that has lots of museums, especially in the area of AlFahidi Fort. The Museum can be visited by tourists include a coffee museum, the museum of stamps, coins, and much more. The museums are certainly very interestingespecially if you want to see the development and history of Dubai. Visit the Bastakia Quarter can be done either on the day or night.

  1. Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi options can be used as a place for a vacation with your family when youare in Dubai. Wild Wadi is a water park located in Jumeirah Beach and has managed to become Dubai’s favorite attractions for tourists who came with family. Water parkhas well-equipped facilities and can satisfy all visitors who come to play water in there.

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