10 tourist Sttractions in Singapore

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10 tourist Sttractions in Singapore – Singapore is a country included in the ASEAN, Singapore also has beautiful sights and fascinating. the cost is also quite affordable. Although the size of the State of Singapore including small compared to Indonesia, Singapore has quite a lot of interesting sights. What are the tourist attractions in Singapore the most interesting?

10 tourist Sttractions in Singapore


  1. Merlion Park

The merlion is a statue with the head of a lion and the body of the fish has become the mascot of Singapore. The name Merlion is a combination of “mermaid” and “lion” or in the language of Indonesia is the Mermaid and lion. Merlion Park grounds are open 24 hours every day and is free of charge for anyone who would like to visit, so you can save on the cost of your trip. In addition to berfoto-foto you can also enjoy the River at this location due to the Merlion Park is located in front of the Singapore River.

  1. Universal Studios

Universal Studios is a theme park like Dufan in Jakarta and is one of the attractions of Singapore’s most famous for the citizens of Indonesia. Universal Studios ticket prices at the weekend, on red, and the holiday season is quite expensive, can be up toabout 1 million dollars for adults. If you would like to save, simply take pictures in front of the Universal Studios globe only. If you want to come in and play at Universal Studios, come early in the morning because the queue games at Universal Studios can be very long, unless you have the ticket priority so that you won’t have to wait long, but of course the price of these tickets are more expensive than regular tickets.

  1. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Orchard Road or the name of a street in Singapore which is very famous for its tourism budget submission. In addition to being filled with shopping, Orchard Road is also filled with restaurants, a spa, and others. For a visit to Orchard Road is of course free when just look around the course. When Orchard Road is where your main objective in Singapore, I suggest look for hotels around Orchard Road so as not to trouble brings groceries using public transportation. Along the Sentosa Island there are 3 pieces of MRT stations so you don’t have to worry about far from the station. Orchard Road is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore must-see, although only just look around.

  1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a tourist spot in Singapore, but not fused with the main island of Singapore, but was in a separate island. Many ways to reach the Sentosa Island, the most interesting is to use the cable because you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore from a height. The price climbed cable car is indeed quite expensive, amounting to about 300.000 dollars, but this cable car rides can provide an interesting experience for you. If you want to save money, there are other ways to achieve the Sentosa Island by foot, climbing the Sentosa Express monorail, and bus. Which you can find at Sentosa Island is a beach, hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping, golf, play a wide variety of entertainment attractions, casinos, and others.

  1. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is a road in Singapore that is famous for its tourism budget submission.In contrast to Orchard Road which offers a luxurious shopping experience, Bugis Street shopping experience offering cheap ala streets. Usually the Bugis Street is a place tourists hunting gift shop cheaper in Singapore. It is very easy to reach the Bugis Street, you just need to Board and alight at MRT stations Bugis. Location of Bugis Street is only about 50 metres away from Bugis station. Bugis Street was the site of the biggest shopping streets in Singapore.

  1. Chinatown

True to its name, it is an area with an atmosphere like in China. The majority of the population in the area of Chinatown is a descendant of China, so it is very pronounced kentalnya culture of China in this area, for example in the form of building, decoration, merchandise, and more. Chinatown has become one of the tourist attractionsin Singapore the most liked of tourists because it is a blend of exciting culinary, shopping, culture, and also history. If you want to shop here, don’t forget to haggle the price in advance. If you want to tour the cuisine in Chinatown, keep in mind that most food and drink sellers in Chinatown is open from late afternoon to midnight. Easyto reach Chinatown, you simply use the MRT and get off at Chinatown station.

  1. Little India

Little India is its central India community in Singapore. With the typical atmosphere of India and people of India filled, Little India will make you feel like they are inIndia. Located across from the Chinatown, Little India is a place that sells various types of crafts India, various types of special food of India, gold, incense, massage oils, perfumes, and forecasting services up to fate. In a suitable place to hunt for souvenirs there are typical bebauan India India, and usually is the smell of spices. I myself am less fond of this place because I’m less comfortable with the smell of sweat people India, but nevertheless, Little India is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore that was quite interesting to visit.

  1. Arab Street

The Arab Street is thick with Middle Eastern culture. Its central Street is the Arab Muslims in Singapore, so you can find many shops smelling of Islam in this region, for example various types of Islamic clothing and comprehensiveness of worship. In addition you can also find a perfume seller, carpets, and fine fabrics are colorful, including batik Indonesia. Antiques dealer is usually many visitors during the day, at nighta lot of traders are selling Arabic specialities. Tourists usually come to this location to look for the atmosphere, not for shopping.

  1. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore the most unique. In General, the Haw Par Villa is a place for recreation cultural history of China which has more than 1.000 sculptures and more than 150 diorama with the theme of China’s folklore and legends of China. Haw Par Villa which makes unique is the presence of several themed diorama hell. Diorama diorama gives an overview about the horrors of hell, so when you bring young children, you need to give sense to your child so as not to fear. Haw Par Villa is extremely useful to teach kids to do good and avoid all forms of sin. In Haw Par Villa, besides being able to enjoy cultural tours, you can also save money because admission to Haw Par Villa no charge at all.

  1. Raffless Landing Site

Raffless Landing Site is probably not common in Indonesia due to the tourist’s ear historical tourism is indeed not many devotees. Raffless is the name of the founder of modern Singapore, while the Governor Raffless Landing Site is the place to commemorate the merits of Raffless. In this place you can see a replica of the statue of Raffless, get to know the history of Singapore, see diorama Singapore history and culture, as well as berfoto-foto statue next to the Raffless against the backdrop of the river and the city of Singapore. If you are interested to visit Raffless Landing Site, the nearest MRT station is a station of the Raffless Place.


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