Tourist attractions in Yogyakarta Parangtitis Beach

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Tourist attractions in Yogyakarta Parangtitis Beach – Parangtitis Beach which is also often referred to by the citizens of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas with the name Paris is one of the tourist destinations in jogja which is very popular and many people already know Indonesia as well as overseas. Parangtitis Beach has great features and the wave has a very famous legend myth there is even a film that recounts the myth of paris Beach that Nyi Loro Kidul. But this Parangtitis Beach remains on the visit by tourists both from jogja, jogjakarta, such as Jakarta, Bekasi, bandung, even abroad. If you go, don’t forget to take your time to visit the beach Parangtitis due to incomplete to Yogyakarta if you haven’t yet visited the beach with myth and mystery.

Tourist attractions in Yogyakarta Parangtitis Beach

Site  ParangTitis Yogyakarta

For the location of the beach of Parangtitis is located in 25 kilometers to the South of the city centre. The location can be affordable by all types of ground vehicles best of large size bus or motorcycle, because the path to the location of this fairly largeand smooth so that we can easily get to the venue. If you go to the beach Parangtitis with own vehicle, it is fairly easy because the road shows to the city from different directions that points nowhere.

This Parangtitis beach is a tourist attraction located on the South coast of Java Island, we already know that this beach is connected with the Indian Ocean, so the wavefrom the South coast of waves usually larger. There is also a sandy beach or coastalhills which make it increasingly looks more beautiful.

There is a ride on the beach is quite a lot of, among other things, you can take a horse going around the beach is Parangtitis by paying $2 you can enjoy the rides, or you can also rent motor apv just surround and play around this beach. for childrenwho do not play the water in this area is not am scared because there’s a pool for children who can swim on the coast renamed as Parangtitis. There is no facilities only, but there are also many culinary on the beach, such as grilled fish, seafood and other food be it food or special food of Yogyakarta that smells of the sea. It’s alreadyin the repair facility or infrastructure from this beach which makes it more beautifulas it is now there is a place for photos at Parangtitis Beach.The Myth Of The Beach Parangtitis

Indonesia community indeed love things that relate to the myth. Almost every famous place that existed in Indonesia have a League of its own. Call it one of those mythical roro jonggrang Prambanan. Telaga Sarangan Magetan, also there are myths about snake Dragon.

The people of Indonesia, and in this case, and more specifically Yogyakarta societywould already know the myth of parangtritis Beach and jin led named NYi Roro Kidul.

According to the early history of the naming of parangtritis beach this is when a fugitive of Majapahit who get big wavy seas in the area. He meditates on the spot. Much of the water that is “tumaritis” or dripping from cracks “parang” or rock. He was later appointed as parangtritis, or mean water that drips from the rock to crack.

The myth continues when the Kingdom

of mataram. Javanese Kings is believed to have a special relationship with the rulers of the South Sea Nyi Roro Kidul. That relationship is believed to have lasted until now. Even when a friend read the srtikel about the friends of the Royal Tour will discover that the construction of the Palace in selaraskan with the South coast.

According to one story, the relationship of the Palace as well as the Kings of Java with Nyi Roro Kidul was derived from his power Senopati, founder of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom while meditating in the South Sea meet with Nyi Roro Kidul. The mutual love between them and Nyi Roro Kidul then promised to help and keep in touch with the descendants Power ofSenopati.

Another myth that is believed to be on the beach this is a ban on wearing a shirt the color of green around parangtritis beach. The green colour is believed to be the Queen’s favourite launt South, and also the color of clothing to Army ground forces. Wearing the color green is believed could make a PAL will scroll by waves while swimming at the beach.

All is a myth that will cause the Pro and cons. The tourists will not make it, pleasefriends speak wisely. But for Yogyakarta society there is a special ceremony called offerings, namely giving offerings to the sea which is done every birthday of Sri Sultan King of Yogyakarta. The citizens are quite enthusiastic about this ritual because it believed it could bring prosperity to the family.

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